"My husband cheated on me in my dream last night, so naturally I’m giving him the silent treatment all day until he apologizes accordingly."
"The cashier was flirting with my husband and I'm upset cuz I thought she was gonna give us free chips or something."
Chase Smith married Sadie Mills after doctors told him he has only months to live.
Chantal Melanson had a courthouse wedding with Austin Monfort, but their plans for a traditional ceremony are on hold because of the coronavirus.
"My wife has already mentally eaten half my fries before I’ve even ordered."
Where (oh where) are the cutesy names for the key demographic group in this election cycle?
Ah, married life. Get ready for everyone you see after the wedding to ask you about it..
I planned on getting pregnant, but couldn't have imagined 9/11 ravaging our city two months later, obliterating my understanding