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I’m on my priority list ― each and every day.
No matter your relationship status, this day drums-up feelings about partnership and love. Everyone has some thought, opinion
A new, not-so-scientific survey of 1,000 married women conducted by the Daily Mail found that 50 percent have a "fall-back
Why do women who are married and/or married with children impose their idea of success on women who are not married? Every woman is not looking for someone to put a ring on it!
Are married women the Jets and single women the Sharks? Do they dance around each other cautiously knowing the other side is just not their type of people? I'd like to think not.
Getting married does not make you a superior person. It’s a regular part of life and millions do it all the time. To be honest
Eventually the party moved to the hotel bar where we took over several tables and stayed until last call. There were about
LOOK: Readers Share #WhyImSingle Emily Hartridge's defense of marriage (h/t The Gloss) is just one segment in a series of
Rush Limbaugh might have finally gone too far. Attacking half of the adult population directly is not always the best game plan for winning over converts to his cause.
In her Huffington Post blog post on Tuesday, Liz O'Donnell detailed her ideal, white picket-fenced divorce house. A divorce
Everyone has their own reasons for changing or keeping their original surnames, and to judge them for or make assumptions about a choice that has no bearing on your day-to-day is pretty pointless.
Married or single, it's time to take ownership of Cupid's little holiday and get that winged baby off your back.
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