married young

When I was 20 and newly engaged, one of my relatives stumbled up to me at a family party. Just tipsy enough to be totally
The state of our marriage wasn't my husband's fault -- he basically had to raise me into adulthood.
We were young, in love and ready for marriage when we said yes in our early twenties. But that doesn't necessarily mean we were prepared.
There's something to be said for building a life on a single foundation, rather than figuring out how to merge two separate structures.
I married young because I loved him. I divorced because he was abusive. "Married at 21, going through my divorce currently
It appears there is no quicker or easier way to get yourself showered with media attention than to say something mean and disempowering to women -- bonus points if the women are single.
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"Don't be somebody's wife," my mother said. "Look at Mary Ann Baxter, already set up in a grand apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan." Mary Ann had been a model with me at Halle's before leaving for New York and sexual success. "Be an adventuress," she told me.