Marriott International

A search of Rodolfo Montoya's home turned up assault-style rifles, high-capacity magazines and hundreds of bullets, officials said.
InterContinental Hotels Group, which owns some 5,600 hotels, is phasing out single-use bottles to reduce plastic waste, and it's not alone.
Unite Here just won four union elections at Marriott properties, victories it traces in part to the 2018 work stoppage.
Thousands of workers reached an agreement with the nation's largest hotel chain after a multi-city, nine-week strike for better pay and protections.
The hotel chain's investigation found that an unauthorized party had copied and encrypted information from its Starwood Hotel brand's guest database since 2014.
Workers in Hawaii reached a deal on a new contract, leaving only California workers still on the picket lines.
The luxury hotel chain is silent over the alleged killing of Jamal Khashoggi as it gets ready to host a marquee event for the Saudi government.
More workers at the nation's largest hotel chain could join the work stoppage soon.
Unions in four cities -- and possibly more -- will be holding strike authorization votes that could lead to work stoppages at the world's largest hotel chain.
ACT for America's founder claims the "Islamic coalition" is waging war on the U.S.
Think a little vacation would get your mind off politics for awhile? (AP Photo/Alex Menendez) By: Sara Swann The Trump International
"Each of these companies is delivering a message of inclusion, diversity and equality that is needed now more than ever."
This week marks the end of my international, whistle stop tour to Dubai, New York and Versailles, where I shared ideas about the future of luxury with some of the most inspiring thought leaders from around the world.
In Los Angeles, artist Malakai was bopping through Facebook. His parents know him as Daniel Cabrera but the street knows him as Malakai. He saw a post that David Beebe had taken a position as Vice President of Creative and Content Marketing for Marriott International. Cool. Malakai knows that guy.
Content Marketing demands great skill and subtlety. I am grateful when Pillsbury offers me a new recipe, but helpful tips on cleaning the bowl are too much. Like a progressive parent hovering over their only child, Content Marketing is a delicate balance of good advice and harassment.
"To set the record straight it has never been nor will it ever be Marriott's policy to limit our guests' ability to access the Internet by all available means."
Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is headed back to work at Marriott International, rejoining the board of directors