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Luckily for Phobos, scientists think it has at least 30 million years before it kicks the bucket.
A new pictures from the Mars Curiosity Rover has some thinking martians have good dining etiquette.
NASA says it has an explanation for the levitating utensil.
During the last 10 years, NASA has treated us to some of the most amazing imagery from the surface of Mars. Here are some of my favorites!
Astronomers often use "false-color" images to better understand deep space phenomena like supernova remnants or nebulae. But
To create these images, Veenenbos ran elevation data through a computer program called Terragen, versions of which have been
According to NASA, the portrait, available below, is composed of a mosaic of 20 images taken on Aug. 8, just several days
LOOK: Amazing Images of Mars: NASA's rover Opportunity this week celebrated its 8th anniversary on Mars. Curiosity, a car
With NASA's new Curiosity Rover set to land on the surface in August, this app will get even more interesting. With the Mars
--- The Martian Dry Ice (via NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day): The HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
To see more breathtaking images of the Red Planet, check out our slideshow of NASA's most extraordinary images of Mars. The
WATCH (h/t Wired) The first video shows the Mojave Crater, and the second the Athabasca Valles. For more spectacular Mars
NASA's HiRISE camera, the most powerful camera ever sent into space, has snapped breathtaking portraits of Mars. From 'trees
PHOTOS of Martian sand dunes below. This week, NASA released a photograph of sand dunes on Mars taken by HiRISE, the most