mars rocks

"Could the builders of Stonehenge have visited Mars... or is this just another face on Mars illusion?"
No. Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog says this rock looks like either a horse or dragon head, and that it could
Our verdict? It's just the rover's own shadow. Here's the same shadow from a slightly different angle taken about 28 seconds
While White said he believes what he spotted is "clearly intelligently designed," as he wrote on his latest video on the
Want to experience a little off-planet pareidolia firsthand? Scroll down to see 11 "alien" objects spotted on Mars in recent
A strange "mystery" rock on Mars showed up in images snapped by the Opportunity rover on Jan. 8. And now astrobiologist Dr. Rhawn Joseph claims in a lawsuit that there's more to this mineral than meets the eye.
Future Mars explorers may be able to get all the water they need out of the red dirt beneath their boots, a new study suggests
"This is similar to the brush on board the Rock Abrasion Tools on Spirit and Opportunity, and will let researchers get a
Curiosity is destined for a point called Glenelg at the base of the Martian peak, which scientists have named MountSharp
The $2.5 billion Mars rover Curiosity has been exploring the Red Planet since Aug. 5, when it landed inside the planet's
Jake Matijevic, a mathematician-turned-rover-engineer who played an important role in the design of the Mars Science Laboratory, now appears in Wikipedia as "Jake Matijevic (rock). Who was Jake and what's so important about this rock that he would be honored in this way?
"If you go to zinc mines on Earth, they're generally in places where hydrothermal processes have deposited zinc," Squyres
Earth is under constant bombardment by space rocks. When they crash and burn through the atmosphere, most of the debris gets