Curiosity has gotten smarter: the Mars rover now has the capability to select ChemCam laser targets autonomously, allowing the four year-old prospector to choose its own targets for remote evaluation.
I have a confession to make: This article is actually only about the myth that sending humans to Mars will cost $1 trillion
The dark veins? They're a bit of a mystery. "Some of them look like ice-cream sandwiches: dark on both edges and white in
Evidence that Mars once harbored alien life continues to mount. In other words, if such structures do exist on Mars, that
It might be life, or it might not be. But the good news is that we now have evidence of some sort of activity under the surface of Mars -- phenomena subject to solid, repeatable measurement.
The rover also found organic chemicals in a soil sample collected by a robotic drill. They are the latest findings as NASA
Other odd-looking objects seen in photos from Mars include an iguana, a finger, a skull, and a thigh bone. "I have been following
While the Curiosity mission has recently come under fire for spending too much time on driving and not enough on drilling
Of course, that hasn't stopped folks from trolling through photos taken by NASA rovers and probes -- spotting objects that
Curiosity killed the cat? Maybe. But one thing's for sure--Mars is slowly killing Curiosity. Hat tip: The Verge via Frankfurt