Curiosity has gotten smarter: the Mars rover now has the capability to select ChemCam laser targets autonomously, allowing the four year-old prospector to choose its own targets for remote evaluation.
To be clear, if you add up expenditures of any federal program for a long enough period of time, you will reach $1 trillion
NASA's Curiosity rover spotted the prominent veins in "Garden City." That's the name scientists use for a geologically rich
"We can detect sedimentary structures in rocks on Mars using the rover images," Dr. Nora Noffke, an associate professor at
It might be life, or it might not be. But the good news is that we now have evidence of some sort of activity under the surface of Mars -- phenomena subject to solid, repeatable measurement.
Could it be evidence that there was once life on Mars? The rover has traveled around 5 miles since landing on Mars in August
While White said he believes what he spotted is "clearly intelligently designed," as he wrote on his latest video on the
After driving for more than two years across treacherous terrain, NASA's Curiosity rover has finally reached its target on
Want to experience a little off-planet pareidolia firsthand? Scroll down to see 11 "alien" objects spotted on Mars in recent
In the photos below, time is given in Mars solar days, or "sols." A sol is about 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth. Opportunity
"This rock has an appearance quite different from the sandstones we've been driving through for several months," said Curiosity
Life on Mars is inevitable. Now, such a statement may sound audacious, farfetched, and maybe even just a little bit crazy. It might be viewed as being just a wild prognostication about finding extraterrestrial microbial life on Mars - but it is based firmly in the realm of reality.
"This is so exciting! The ChemCam laser has fired more than 150,000 times on Mars, but this is the first time we see the
How did Curiosity snap that "selfie" without getting its robotic arm in the picture? (See slideshow below for more). @HuffPostScience
If we can achieve Mars without a major increase in budget, it would be fiscally irresponsible not to commit. We have made a long-term investment in space. Let's make the most effective use of taxpayer and private dollars and accomplish something bold and inspiring for the nation and the world.
Ever pondered what our nearest planetary neighbor Mars may have looked like billions of years ago? Then ponder no more. NASA's
Without doubt, discovering proof that Triceratops, Nazis and miscellaneous hardware were once present on the rocky landscapes of Mars is great fun. But if you think that's what you're really seeing, you've been victimized by that soft, squishy organ between your ears.
"We are often asked if our measurements at Gale Crater represent the planet as a whole," Webster noted. "We remind others
The 1-ton Curiosity rover landed on Mars on Aug. 5, 2012 to determine if the Red Planet could ever have supported microbial
A U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo plane transported MAVEN from Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado to Kennedy Space Center on Friday