mars water

"We see that Mars at some point in its past was much more Earth-like."
NASA scientists have found evidence of present-day liquid water on Mars. But before you start thinking about a second home there, know this.
"If we were to discover evidence of ancient life, or stranger still, something living there would change the way every one of us feels about being alive."
"There is no doubt that those Martians perished while waiting to get on the ride," says professor Irwin Lafferdean of the Institute of Interplanetary Amusement. "Can even advanced species survive the quest for reasonably-priced fun for all ages? I don't know. Damn it, I just don't know."
One of the essential ingredients for life is discovered on the red planet.
The image was taken by the orbiter's High Resolution Stereo Camera on Nov. 19, 2014 and released by the agency on June 1
The research, an analysis of chemical "signatures" in the Martian atmosphere, indicates that some 4.2 billion years ago a
In March, scientists discovered that the crater contained beds of sandstone that were tilted south toward Mount Sharp. They
A small portion of the 118-megabyte new map of Mars' southern highlands published by the United States Geological Survey
An example of comparatively large spheres found on Earth. Located on a beach in Mendocino County, Calif., these objects were