Marsha Blackburn

Democrat Gloria Johnson rose to national prominence as one of three state lawmakers to join gun safety protesters following a deadly school shooting.
The Tennessee lawmaker's strange warning quickly backfired.
That authorities found the missing Titan on Thursday was too much of a coincidence for the Tennessee senator.
The MSNBC host dismantled what's become a common talking point in defense of the former president.
A Republican and a Democratic senator demanded CEO Shou Zi Chew tell the truth about whether sensitive U.S. user data has been stored on Chinese servers.
The Republican senator touted dubious GOP responses to mass shootings on Fox News.
The 89-year-old California senator's extended absence has created headaches for Democrats and for President Joe Biden's judicial nominees.
The Tennessee Republican appeared confused about the location of her home state while alluding to former President Donald Trump's now-defunct project.
The Tennessee lawmaker doesn't seem to know what's in the U.S. Constitution.
Sen. Marsha Blackburn took aim at one of President Joe Biden’s Black judicial nominees for his “rap sheet” of old speeding tickets.