Marsha Blackburn

The Republican Party’s opposition to anything that President Joe Biden is for is pushing GOP politicians into taking some bizarre positions.
Contrary to the GOP lawmaker's suggestion, experts on Neanderthals said emulating the ancient hominids is probably not a great idea.
The Tennessee Republican apparently forgot about those little changes called "amendments."
A pandemic, a pair of hurricanes, and several social and economic emergencies are throttling this country. Unless you're watching the RNC.
Sen. Marsha Blackburn called the measure aimed at foreign interference in federal elections "overbroad."
Blackburn portrayed herself as a conservative firebrand closely aligned with President Donald Trump.
The singer made a final plea Tuesday to her fans to get out and vote.
Many conservatives are mad at the singer for endorsing a Democrat in Tennessee's Senate race.
With everything going on in politics, Taylor Swift just can’t shake off her urge to finally speak up.
Rep. Steve Cohen said he was joking, and doesn’t wish Rep. Marsha Blackburn any harm.