Marshall Plan

The senator with a plan for everything is fleshing out what could be her Green New Deal.
This could be the key for Democrats to win back the working-class voters who elected President Donald Trump.
Investing in global infrastructure should include fast and secure digital connectivity The idea of economic planning dominated
Iraq’s Foreign Minister has asked the United States to develop a financial plan for the reconstruction of the country after
President Donald Trump’s plan to slash U.S. foreign aid in favor of increased military spending is likely to have the opposite
Many Americans do not seem disturbed at the prospect of nations, including the U.S., going it alone.
24. Gawk at the gorgeous stained glass wall, created by Israeli artist Ami Shamir, commemorating young lives lost during
In 1954, a single book destroyed the popular notion that children are innocent souls. In that book, a plane of such innocent
There are lessons to be learned from this book: about the importance of crafting a bipartisan foreign and national security
Ironically, it was a breakfast panel hosted by a Ukrainian oligarch, Victor Pinchuk and his Pinchuk Foundation, that yielded the most candid and interesting remarks as to what to do about Ukraine's struggle against Putin and internal corruption.
At what point did we conclude that Americans should walk the earth unmolested, but that we need not concern ourselves with the plights of others? Was it when al Qaeda attacked us?
The United States is a peculiar sort of empire. Americans have been in what might be called imperial denial since the Spanish-American War of 1898. The U.S. not only denies its imperial ambitions, but shrouds them in a curiously American brand of Christianized liberation theology.
Considering that we are faced with a situation which is totally unprecedented since the Second World War, We call on the states of the European Union to come to an agreement and take action. An adequate response is urgent if we want to prevent a dangerous rise in racism and xenophobia.
The gravest threat to American global leadership is neither Russia nor China but continued interest group-driven congressional abandonment of the kind of balanced strategy that won the Cold War.
The challenge for the European Union and its member states, particularly Germany, is in balancing the often incongruous demands of co-operation and self-interest, and thus demonstrate to their own citizens that concrete achievements can still create a Europe of solidarity and prosperity as Schuman envisaged.
The Greek debt crisis is a collision of two seemingly incompatible necessities. One is to put the Greek economy into a position for long term health; the other is to keep it from expiring in the short term. If these are to be reconciled, the players in Europe need to think outside the box, rather than retreat into bluster, blame, and the repetition of old positions.