The off-price retailer announced the launch Tuesday.
“We believe it is the right thing for us to do under these circumstances,” the company told HuffPost.
Employees were told to throw away signage and mix clothes into racks.
All of you Faithful Shoppers take shopping very seriously. There is nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect something with the perfect pedigree and... gasp... reduced in price! Here are some of my favorite haunts to find all that is haute at a delightful discount.
GET: Theorie's Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask, which I got for under $15 -- compared to its usual retail price of $34
Barneys New York - 660 Madison Avenue Find the perfect blazer at a not-outrageous price, and team it with both daywear for
"FINALLY," I thought. "A way to justify my slight shopping problem." Unfortunately, Dr.Glass was quick to break the news
Parliament set up the Marshall Scholarships in 1953, with the express aim of extending the close ties between Britain and the United States that had developed during the Second World War. Marshall's "close accord" is, if anything, even more essential now.
In apparel, forced labor is found long before the fabric is sewn at a garment manufacturing factory. It starts as early as the cotton harvest.