Fortunately, there have been no reports of anyone trying this... yet.
Whether melted down for a thick sauce or built up into a billowy frosting atop a sublime pie, we can't get enough of these 10 marshmallow recipes. And, yes, there will be s'mores.
S'mores have got nothing on these marshmallow shot glasses.
These gift suggestions, while meant for the rounds of parties that erupt during December, can apply all year round, as graciousness never goes out of season.
Behold the sweetest invention we've seen in a long, long time. [h/t Big Think] Talk about a new party trick. Seriously. That's
I marvel at what modern chefs are doing. I should be fluent in Foodish because I write about food and sometimes eat in fancy
IF IT'S NOT A MARSHMALLOW, WE'RE EATING... Smelly gooey cheeses and salami with copious amounts of red wine! Smart and Simms