marshmallow peeps

This Easter, take a behind-the-scenes sneak “peep” at how marshmallow Peeps are born.
All ready for the oven! Easter is almost here, and we've got PEEPS on the brain! Can you blame us? They're colorful, they're
Marshmallow candy is NOT the best protection against firearms.
So why the constant need to morph things all the time? I get the cronut thing, it was a gimmick, and people love a gimmick
"All right, that's 100 peeps," a visibly pained Stonie says after the feat. "One hundred peep challenge." Yesterday, the
Nostalgia is a strong and odd thing. And of course as I mentioned this tremendous treasure trove, this windfall of marshmallow
I opened the large white carton with curiosity and anticipation, feeling very much like Pandora innocently opening the mysterious box only to release what should have stayed safely under lock and key. 'This could be my downfall," I breathed silently.
If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Microwave We nuked each Peep for 30 seconds. Year-old Peep puffed up in size
How long does it take for a Marshmallow Peep to get made? Six seconds. What exactly is that delicious filling in Cadbury
Of all the sweets that surface this time of year (by the way, Easter has the second-highest sales after Halloween) the Cadbury
One way of gauging the popularity of a television series is by how many Peeps dioramas are constructed around them. If that’s