The short video shows the last thylacine, Benjamin, in an enclosure in Hobart before he died in 1936.
So far, police have few clues as to the origins of this misplaced marsupial.
The "precious" video hasn't been seen publicly for 85 years and is believed to be the last footage of the extinct marsupial.
A koala took a break from the heat in a man’s air conditioned car, and refused to leave!
Many of us have seen opossums lumbering through our yards, or, more often, dead on the side of the road. But very few people have actually seen an opossum's pouch (called a marsupium) in action!
This week in nerd news, we discuss a marsupial that literally mates to death.
Paleontologists have uncovered a fossil field in Australia that fills a large gap in the continent's environmental history
Nimbadons were on the small-end of this spectrum, and they lived during the Middle Miocene (about 16 million to 11.6 million
"As a direct result, most injured adult marsupials have to be shot or [euthanized], even if the injuries are of a relatively