Hear that, Internet? Now would be a great time to set up a company that exclusively sells such baskets to be sent to misogynists
"I'm a feminist," Kauffman said. "I won't stand for misogyny in my room, on my set, among my actors or writers ... So, I'm
Central Perk, the coffee shop that was Gunther's home base would be the ideal place to chat with Tyler about his beloved lovesick character who pined and pined for Rachel. But since a real one doesn't exist, it seemed fitting to chat with Tyler at a Central Perk pop-up.
Slut, whore, trollop? Since these aren't words that I'd use to describe any woman -- and since no one has used the word "trollop" since approximately 1907 -- it's easy to understand why Kauffman and her team would have been so furious.