martha beck

If we grade ourselves based on whether we got everything on our list accomplished, we're going to feel like we're failing because...drum roll please... The list never ends!
The book is full of exercises, tough questions, and great insight into any sort of life shift you might be experiencing. I
Why hire a life coach? If you don't already have a coach you may be wondering what the heck they are good for. Or perhaps you're considering hiring a coach but are unsure if they can really help you with your unique situation. Here are the top six reasons people hire a life coach:
I've never followed a conventional path and that's probably my favorite thing about my life so far. I've done most things on my terms and believed early on in setting my own agenda -- even if that means making really difficult decisions.
The above listed health benefits of laughter and silliness are the reasons many companies (Google, Pixar, Facebook, for examples
Estos "entes" oscuros son, por ejemplo, la secretaria que en lugar de soluciones sólo se queja sin cesar de las cartas que tiene que redactar, o el mesero que se molesta cuando le pides que te traiga una bebida adicional.
You need to do things for yourself so that you have the energy to do things for other people -- the ones who are depending on you.
You're ready to find out what you are here for, other than being able to explain every plot twist of your favorite show beside the company water-cooler. What next? Here are 20 ways to find your life purpose:
I came to see that the martyr way doesn't work. It's a half-life, an apology. I didn't like the way there was a possibility of resentment building over time, like limescale on a kettle.
There are so few things we actually "have to" do it's shocking. Realizing we have many more choices than we think we do is absolute freedom.
One method of managing an Insensitive Irritator is learning to become very, very absent. Don't be here now; be in any other