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Jeffrey Neely, a General Services Administration regional commissioner who organized an extravagant Las Vegas employee conference, was indicted on fraud charges Thursday by a federal grand jury in San Francisco.
Read the full indictment below: Neely Indictment The GSA inspector general referred the case to the Justice Department in
In April 2012, Martha Johnson resigned in a very public way from her Senate-confirmed position as Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration. But her new book, On My Watch, isn't a Washington tell-all.
What accounts for the different treatment? Why is a million dollars of waste at the GSA a scandal but not tens of billions of dollars at the FCC-NTIA? I believe public ignorance and apathy are the immediate cause of blame.
Officials at the General Services Administration invented fake awards as an excuse to hold taxpayer-funded dinner events
The Huffington Post first reported on nearly an hour's worth of compromising footage of the events in Vegas. Among the more
"These videos reinforce once again the complete lack of judgment exhibited during the 2010 Western Regions Conference," Greg
That won't bode well for those arguing the federal government spends taxpayer money carefully. Those defenders certainly
Within minutes of the Senate vote, the White House website had published a statement by communications director Dan Pfeiffer