Martha MacCallum

The Democratic National Committee said in March that it would not partner with the Trump-friendly network in the 2020 cycle.
"The lifestyle has kind of changed in the world in terms of where people do their work," said Martha MacCallum.
Martha MacCallum said the president's "fake news" rhetoric "puts all of us in a bad place."
During the presidential primary season, it was always amusing to watch Donald Trump tout his massive leads in online polls
Deneen Borelli said the armed militants are "peaceful" and responding to government "creeping into our everyday lives."
All lives should matter, but this is not a current reality for Black people and people of color in America.
On Tuesday, the hosts responded to the major leak of naked celebrity photos over the weekend, when a user of the message
Fox News' Martha MacCallum made maybe the worst Obamacare comparison to date. You have to hear it to believe it.
(h/t: Raw Story) Watch the video for the full clip. “What I keep coming back to in all of this is unlike other issues — Katrina
Reacting to reports that 94 percent of Environmental Protection Agency employees have been furloughed amid the federal government
Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum might be working around the clock for "America's Newsroom," but when she's looking for some
Ed Schultz did not take kindly to a statement by Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, calling her "dumb" on his Tuesday show
The opening lines read: On Colby, the bard writes, "The dress so short, the smile so glad--Is that her cohost or her dad
The White House has exposed Fox News for what it is: not a news organization, but a partisan political entity that is waging a war against the Obama administration and its progressive agenda.
Martha MacCallum, co-anchor of the Fox News program "The Live Desk," apologized today after Fox News "inadvertently" used
Former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson ***Click here to get the answer*** Conservative political analyst Monica Crowley