Martha MacCallum

The underdog presidential candidate got feisty in a swipe at the GOP front-runner after he was removed from a primary ballot.
The senator, a Louisiana Republican, got personal in insulting the vice president on Fox News.
Gutfeld ridiculed the media for intensely covering Trump's arrival in New York — but his colleague noted that Fox News did the same.
"We’re doing something majorly, majorly wrong," the host of "The Story" said to her colleague following the mass shooting at a Nashville school.
The mistake occurred as Martha MacCallum and other Fox News anchors discussed Hurricane Ian’s impact in Florida on Wednesday.
The Fox News anchor pointed out the failure of Trump and his team to show any proof of ballot-rigging during the latest Jan. 6 hearing.
"Oh, come on, Randi, come on," Martha MacCallum told American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.
The former Democratic presidential contender basically told viewers to Google it.
From superspreader crowds to supporters stranded in the cold, rally quantity doesn't mean quality, the former Democratic presidential candidate pointed out.
Several on-air personalities and the Fox News president shared a private flight with a passenger who later tested positive for COVID-19.