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Who could have seen this coming when the president chose to divert defense money to build his border wall?
Incumbents facing reelection in 2020 are softening their rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act even as Trump seeks to strike down the law in court.
The key Democratic Senate candidate, who vowed to refuse corporate PAC money, has longstanding ties to corporations through speaking engagements.
The decision clears the path for former astronaut Mark Kelly to challenge GOP Sen. Martha McSally.
McSally, who holds McCain’s former U.S. Senate seat, stopped short of condemning Trump’s behavior directly.
“Honestly, I didn’t even think about reporting it," McSally said after revealing she was raped while serving in the Air Force. "You kind of, you know, just suck it up.”
Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) revealed she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the Air Force.
"Like many victims, I felt like the system was raping me all over again," the Arizona Republican said.
He rocketed to the national spotlight when his Congresswoman wife Gabrielle Giffords was shot in a failed assassination attempt.
She will replace Jon Kyl after he resigns at the end of the year.
Kyrsten Sinema is making history, becoming Arizona’s first ever female Senator and the first openly bisexual Senator.
The Democrat ended up topping Republican Martha McSally in the midterm elections.
A GOP lawsuit is challenging the state’s two biggest counties for allowing voters to help resolve problems with their mail-in ballot signatures after Election Day.
Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (D) and Martha McSally (R) are locked in a tight race.
Republicans are highlighting her leftist past. But progressives have their own grumbles, even as they line up behind her Senate run in Arizona.
Martha McSally is still telling people she voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions
The party is sending out mailers tying the Green Party nominee in the state’s crucial Senate race to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
GOP candidates in Arizona, Texas and Florida face environmental attacks, but party strategists think voters won’t care.
"Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs," the president said.
Now it's Senate candidate Martha McSally telling whoppers about her record on health care.