martha mcsally

Democrats repeated their successful 2018 playbook against McSally by attacking her over her vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
“I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona every single day,” the Republican senator said evasively.
The senator who gave tax cuts to billionaires is "making Marie Antoinette look good," snaps a critic on Twitter.
The Arizona Democratic Senate candidate says he’s happy watchmaker Breitling has abandoned its marketing strategy, which centered around scantily clad women.
The GOP lawmaker called Raju a "liberal hack" after he asked if the Senate should consider new evidence in Trump's impeachment trial.
The CNN host went after Sen. Martha McSally for calling his colleague a “liberal hack.”
"You were once a profile in courage," the CNN host said of Arizona Republican Martha McSally.
Arizona Sen. Martha McSally sneered at CNN's Manu Raju after he asked her if the Senate should consider new evidence as part of Trump's impeachment trial.
Who could have seen this coming when the president chose to divert defense money to build his border wall?
Incumbents facing reelection in 2020 are softening their rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act even as Trump seeks to strike down the law in court.