Martha Roby

Rep. Martha Roby is the second Republican woman to announce she'll retire at the end of this Congress.
The plan, which passed the House Tuesday, would let companies pay workers with time instead of money.
Workers want more family time, control over their hours and fair compensation. This bill would make it harder.
According to Yellowhammer, Wright removed the video once he announced the run for office. And in a Wednesday phone interview
Endeavoring to rebrand their party, GOP elders do not want voters conjuring up names like Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Depression-era statute that serves as the bedrock of U.S. labor law, hourly workers
If technology and communications can adapt to people's modern lifestyles, then why can't our labor laws follow suit? Private-sector businesses continue to live under an outdated federal mandate that says the only way to compensate for overtime is through cash wages.
Federal and state labor officials already have a hard time enforcing a rather clear-cut overtime law, and workers routinely
Two weeks ago, Rick Barber put up an ad in which he confronted the poltergeists of several Founding Fathers. He's back, and he's talking to Zombie Abe Lincoln, about health care.