Martial law

“God’s got his hands in all this, and all this stuff will be revealed,” Mike Lindell said in a wild interview a day after his disturbing White House visit.
Michael Lindell, an avid Trump-backer, headed to the White House armed with notes on the "Insurrection Act" and action to "save the Constitution."
Michael Flynn, pardoned by the president after confessing to felonies, urged Trump to declare martial law at "raucous" meeting where Powell was discussed.
The president's freshly pardoned ex-national security adviser retweeted a statement advocating suspending the Constitution.
Roger Stone called for President Donald Trump to seize power if he loses the November election.
Ukraine has voted to impose martial law following the incident, which marks a serious escalation in tensions between the two countries.
Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert also called the group of migrants "gangbangers."
If we were to sum up Duterte's first 100 days in a few words, it would be "strong political will". That has also translated
Rodrigo Duterte has only been in office a few months in the Philippines but is giving Donald Trump a run for his money as the most bombastic and outrageous political figure on the global media stage.
When former president George W. Bush kicked things off on Monday with a typically smug, heh-heh performance at a Jeb (!) Bush rally in South Carolina, I didn't expect to have the same kind of visceral reaction I used to have to the sound of his voice.