Who will get there first, and when?
If you've been in an elevator or a waiting room, you've heard "The Girl From Ipanema." It's the song that made the bossa
On Monday, Pope Francis said he would baptize martians. More proof that he is out of this world.
Even the tiniest visual anomaly on Mars sends Earthlings reeling in imaginative speculation. In the past few years, cameras we've sent to Mars have turned up "Martians" of every variety: iguanas, rats, turtles, squirrels, Yetis, humanoid faces, and an entire alien base camp and mothership.
Backyard astronomers, get ready to feast your eyes on the skies. In April the red planet returns to prime time, and the Moon shows us a darker side.
We're halfway through Women's History Month and since no one has mentioned any Martian females of historical significance, I'd like to recognize a few who exemplify "character, courage and commitment," this year's theme as chosen by the national women's history project.
Mars One has an ambitious plan: get the first humans to Mars in 2023. Ten years from now, could we see human boot prints on Mars? Could we watch someone take one small step for a woman and one giant leap toward a television phenomenon not seen since the moon landing?
Without doubt, discovering proof that Triceratops, Nazis and miscellaneous hardware were once present on the rocky landscapes of Mars is great fun. But if you think that's what you're really seeing, you've been victimized by that soft, squishy organ between your ears.
What if the Martians land? Will this be one way to achieve world peace on a micro and macrocosmic level? Will the Assad regime