Martin Bashir

The BBC director general made his latest remarks following the Dyson report and Prince William's comments that the interview "should never be aired again."
The former BBC broadcaster insisted his scheming didn't do anything to harm the princess.
Lord Tony Hall helped cover up the unethical way in which reporter Martin Bashir obtained an interview with the late royal, an investigation found.
An investigation into how the journalist secured a shocking interview with the royal concluded that he acted unethically, and that the BBC helped cover it up.
Bashir has been accused of forging documents in order to manipulate Diana into sitting down with him in 1995.
Diana's brother says interviewer Martin Bashir used lies and forged documents to convince his sister to speak out as her marriage to Prince Charles crumbled.
The 57-year-old former "Nightline" and MSNBC host is now the BBC's religion editor.
Twenty years later, there may be no way to avoid getting melodramatic over the death of Princess Diana. You just wish there
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Well Megyn, clearly we liberals have a different sense of humor than you conservatives. We find nothing funny about a white, blond Fox News anchor staring into a camera and unequivocally asserting to black children that Jesus and Santa Claus are white. The "humor" is lost on us.
Alec Baldwin defended his fellow former MSNBC host Martin Bashir following Bashir's resignation over the controversy surrounding
Palin noted this is not the first time someone has made harsh comments about her, saying she's "calloused" to such criticism
Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC following weeks of controversy over his incendiary comments about Sarah Palin, he announced in an email posted by Mediaite on Wednesday.
Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC following weeks of controversy over his incendiary comments about Sarah Palin, he announced
"Are you going to become bitter or better?" she said. "I don't have to accept his words, his vile, evil comments, so they
Bashir apologized on Monday, saying that his comments were "deeply offensive" and that they had "brought shame" to MSNBC
Bashir has apologized for a commentary where he suggested someone defecate in Palin's mouth. An MSNBC spokeswoman has not
Polemic sells. I've made a profit off it for years, and I'm not sorry. But while some of it may be thoughtful or amusing, we must recognize inflammatory speech as nothing more than a rhetorical vessel and stop allowing it to dominate our entire discourse.
Martin Bashir apologized on Monday for his recent comments about Sarah Palin. On Friday, he reacted to Palin's remarks about