Martin McGuinness

Ya news, ya lose. 1. Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the White House. Although she won’t be a government employee
He was deputy first minister of Northern Ireland for a decade.
An early election is "highly likely" as a result.
Many British papers and news broadcasts have dwelt insistently on the personal poignancy of this moment for the Queen -- considering the IRA's assassination in 1979 of her relative, Lord Louis Mountbatten, whom she used to call "Uncle Dickie".
In short, the queen is totally awesome. Check out her bold fashion statement below. A multifaceted symbol, in fact -- of
The strangest Irish presidential election ever just got a whole Twilight Zone twist when the husband of Dana, alias Rosemary Scallon, a former gospel singer once based in America, claimed she had been the target of an assassination attempt.
With nomination closing on Wednesday the Irish presidential contenders, seven in all, are finally in the starting gate and they include a former IRA leader, a Gay activist and a bible belt singer.
If Alan Duncan and his ilk think it's tough to be a politician, they might give some thought to Morgan Tsvangirai.
The blood-spilling of the past week - and the rock-solid resistance to it - should lead us to a new political cry. Prime Minister Brown, Taoiseach Cowen, First Minister Robinson - tear down this wall between Northern Ireland's children.
Mick Fealty, a blogger for the Telegraph, writes that the downfall of Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams could come as a result of the