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December has dawned and with it have come the lists. Site & Sound kicked it off with their Best Films (International Division), and then the Independent Spirit nominees followed, and then the National Board of Review, and then, and then, and then.
Martin Starr joins HuffPost Live to give us the scoop on season two of "Silicon Valley" and to comment on continuing the series following the death of Christopher Evan Welch.
Zach Woods says his improvisation skills have come in handy for his role on HBO's new hit comedy "Silicon Valley." In an
“We know where he’s from and why he is the way he is and everything,” he said. “I can say that he’s obviously a guy who wants
Ryan McGee and I talk "Silicon Valley," "Turn," "Veep," "Game of Thrones," "Inside Amy Schumer," the Peabody Awards and the
In other "Veronica Mars" movie news, Hansen recently shared this photo of himself, Dohring and Chris Lowell on set of "Veronica
The "Veronica Mars" movie started production in mid-June and is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2014. In
Since the show was canceled in 2010, there's been much discussion about a reunion movie. Though the "Party Down" stars and
What Adult Swim (at its best) offers us is something we could call genre riffing: using an existing genre as a loose play-set for broader satirical material on the entertainment industry and contemporary culture, with room for a lot more jokes fired from unexpected directions.
Add to the mix the smartest guy Nick knows in Dirk (Martin Starr), and you've got the most awkward first kiss in history
Are we having fun yet? Actually, maybe! While doing press for the upcoming indie dramedy "Friends With Kids," Adam Scott
So I didn't see the movie, does that mean that I get to go to the after party? At Sundance the answer is a resounding yes
"I don't know if Jane [Lynch] will do it, we'll certainly invite her, but I'm not sure," he said of the cast for the film
- "Wow, Annie. How progressive of you to have a multicultural evil twin?" -- Jeff - "I'm sorry I don't understand your relationship
Back at the debate, things are getting heated and weird. In a surreal montage, each person's giant talking head floats across
There are laughs to be had in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, though they're inconsistent and haphazard. The whole movie has that sloppy feel, as though it were assembled from leftover parts of other, better comedies.
Since Starz canceled "Party Down" after two seasons in April 2010, the show has amassed a cult following, and a "Party Down
"Yes, it's something that we all really want to do," Caplan said of making a film. "People are busy with their television