Martina Navratilova

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, meanwhile, has protested the law with a near-nude photograph on Instagram.
"It was a shock," the tennis great says in a gender pay-gap documentary.
The tennis great is calling for Margaret Court Arena to change its name.
The 18th Century European Aristocracy, which presumed to determine such things, diverted the feminine ideal down a dead-end
The tennis legend challenged FIFA and IOC officials to be "leaders" against abuses.
Sara Paretsky is the award-winning author of the V. I. Warshawski detective novels. In 1982, when Sara wrote Indemnity Only, she revolutionized the mystery novel by creating a hard-boiled woman investigator.
Serena Williams just won her 20th Grand Slam tennis tournament. This amazing performance has her following in the footsteps of some tennis women greats who came before her. Match the woman with her accomplishment.
Debating who's the greatest at any sport is a tradition as old as time itself. Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle? Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova? Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier? Well, we're here to clear up some of the confusion.
Congrats, ladies! The Czech-born Navratilova, 58, wed longtime girlfriend Julia Lemigova, 42, on Dec. 15 in New York, the
Perhaps, as time goes by, as more pioneers break racial, sexual, gender, religious, ethnic, language, and other barriers, athletes' very being may one day have diminished political implications, but sport has always been and will forever have political consequences and possibilities.