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The paper's editor says it will continue to cover the presumptive GOP nominee "honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically, and unflinchingly."
The paper, of course, is reporting on Rezaian's ongoing ordeal, and Baron said those covering the story should not sign the
“Without his name and without White House or Secret Service cooperation, we could not independently check the individual’s
The reason for Nieland's suspension would seem relevant, given that the Post published his claim that the punishment was
Baron said the Post isn't looking to reconstitute its old national bureaus, but "in selective instances, where we think we
The rest of Pexton's criticism isn't nearly as wrathful. He tells Bezos that the Style section is "bad," but not because
Merida joins John Temple in this role. Temple will oversee the publication's digital and newsroom operations, while section
The Post will draw from its newsroom, with both reporters and commentators appearing on several franchise programs. In announcing
However, one staffer said while Brauchli is "a bit shy," that once you get to know him, "he's wonderful." And Brauchli has
Jim Romenesko reported in March that the Post approached New York Times assistant managing editor Rick Berke for its managing
As a longtime observer of the Boston media scene, I'd have to say that Times Co. stewardship has been more positive than negative for the Globe.
Similar to the Times, any Boston Globe print subscriber -- even one subscribed only to the Sunday edition -- can access