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Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson appear together at fan event in Boston.
True to its science fiction genre, Inbiotic presents us with answers to these great ifs with a society where a network of
Some costumes are long past their cultural moments and yet remain stubbornly prevalent, making them less "throwback" and more "[yawn]." Please allow me to offer alternatives that, while perhaps unoriginal, aren't ubiquitous.
If I could, I would travel back to Lankenau Hospital on October 2, 2004, when I was admitted for pre-term labor. I would request an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check my heart. They checked the flux capacitor before traveling through time.
The actor who portrayed Marty McFly urged Americans to envision a future without Parkinson's disease.
A reader wrote in to ask about this very issue, whether the famed "To Be Continued..." at the end of Back to the Future actually appeared in the original film or if it was added later and people just have convinced themselves that they saw it in the original film.
Radio Times reports the iconic film prop, which is currently valued between $17,000 and $26,000, is one of many pieces of
Crispin Glover joins Ricky on set to talk about why he has some political problems with acting in movies like "Back To The Future."
The Mind-Blowing Hidden Meaning of 'Back to the Future' Read more on
In case you didn't get this the first time you saw the "Back To The Future" trilogy, time travel can be pretty stressful
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The DeLorean Motor Company of Texas formed in 1995 to buy up the various parts sold off after the original manufacturer, DeLorean