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Multiple equal rights groups are already considering legal action.
"This photo is something every one of my students is familiar with,” Oklahoma teacher Laurissa Kovacs wrote.
Gov. Mary Fallin also claimed that "antifa" had joined the protests at the state Capitol.
We need to acknowledge that incarceration is very much a women’s issue.
The services industry grew from half of the U.S. GDP in 1966 to more than two-thirds in 2016. Part of an occasional series
The Green News Report is also available via... IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Al Gore and Hillary Clinton rally Millennial voters
"I think prayer is always a good thing, for anyone.”
Although Oklahoma is the state making headlines in this area, the Institute of Justice graded 31 states at D or lower, with only one state, New Mexico, making above a B+. Everyone concerned with their constitutional rights needs to be concerned with the technology used to destroy them.
Trump has made some unusually conciliatory remarks after recent police killings.
Assuming he isn't ousted as the GOP's presidential nominee at the party's Cleveland convention next month, who will be Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate?