mary heilmann

Sarah Jessica Parker is a terrific actress. That's what artist Eric Fishl, in his role as Guild Hall's President of the Arts and gala host, said on Tuesday night at the Rainbow Room where the Sex & the City star was being feted for a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Performing Arts.
There's only one sunset in this town, and it costs $22 to stare at.
If your spring awakening has been slow to start, may I suggest a cultural catalyst to help; Ascend from your wintry slump with a visit to some of the city's current art exhibits.
I am a sucker for artists who have produced a significant body of work over an extended period of time and have, for whatever
Heilmann's paintings focus on a simple idea or feeling and dwell on it, obsess over it, capture its contradictions and reverberations
In 2010, the Whitney Biennial will, for the first time, be comprised by a majority of women artists. When asked why, curator Gary Carrion-Murayari said, "I didn't look for women artists. They were just in front of our eyes."