Mary Magdalene

It's the story of Jesus -- from a woman's perspective.
On 22 July each year, the Christian community venerates a saint who is the single best argument for why women should be priests
St. Mary's was where JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier got married in 1953.
Although these verses are found in the Gospel of John, one of our latest gospels, this little fragment of tradition stands alone and unique.
Late in the night, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene heard the news coming from North Carolina. Late in the night, a sweeping anti-LGBT bill overturned local ordinances protecting gay and transgender people.
There is no evidence in the bible or church history to suggest that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.
Researchers in Israel believe they may have discovered an ancient town that was home to Mary Magdalene — the first witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Karen L. King, a professor at the Harvard Divinity School, raised the question of Jesus’s marital status in 2012, pointing
The final episode focuses on Mary Magdalene. According to the Gospels, she was a faithful follower of Jesus, but might she have been more than that -- perhaps even a lover, or Jesus' wife? Inquiring minds want to know.
Shortly after his election, Francis called for a new theology of women, saying that "it is necessary to broaden the opportunities for a stronger presence of women in the church." To date, the church hasn't gotten the memo.