Mary McLeod Bethune

I watched U.S. ed sec Betsy DeVos’s 23-minute speech to Bethune-Cookman grads on May 10, 2017. I do not envy DeVos the task
Alumni have created a petition urging Bethune-Cookman to rescind the invitation.
Born in the Philadelphia area, Saint Katharine Drexel learned about philanthropy at an early age. After a meeting in Rome
My recent travels to the South made me curious about women and their contributions from the Southern states.
The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland honors African-American heroes and heroines. Match the following heroines with her accomplishment.
Simmons made history in 1995 when she became the first African-American woman to lead a top university and again in 2001, when she became the first African-American president of an Ivy League University.
Many historical women whose accomplishments we are aware of today had to battle society's perceptions of women's proper place. Some women were fortunate enough to have the support of a man in their endeavors -- the "He for She" paradigm Emma Watson recently spoke of at the U.N.
I recently attended meetings and award events at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Virginia. As always happens when I am on a college campus, I was struck by the importance and value of education.
Civil rights leader Andrew Young (L) and others on balcony of Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., pointing in direction of
Dorothy Height died this week. She was a witness to American history from Jim Crow, which prevailed throughout America in the year she was born, 1912, to the presidency of Barack Obama.