mary mitchell

Look -- we get that you're under time pressure and for last minute news overviews, it's easier to just cut and paste from press releases. But if repeated research and in-depth features indicate that the press release is not a complete or accurate description of what happened, this becomes dishonest reporting.
She mocked that the victim would call 911 rather than going to a "pimp." She called forced sex at gunpoint "theft of services." She stated that taking the sexual assault of a sex worker seriously "minimizes the act of rape," is "an insult" to real victims.
She seems to have missed the memo that sex without consent is always rape.
As much as I admire Ms. Mitchell, I was alarmed by some of the verbiage in her article. She uses the same phrase for the
One way to sell newspapers is to get two columnists fighting. I don't pick fights. But I don't run from one either.
The differences between crime rates for different areas of the city have deep social roots. You cannot expect communities that have been all but written off to not struggle with violence.
It was as if someone had strapped me into the cab of a roller coaster. Read more on Chicago Sun-Times And still I consider
While the President was in Canada, Michelle Obama orchestrated a 'Girls' Night In' at the White House, which might be a first!
With the election of Barack Obama, the urban orbits have shifted. After Washington, D.C., Chicago has won Second City status once again, based on politics rather than population.