Mary, mother of Jesus

A new Vatican think tank wants the Mafia to stop exploiting the image of the Virgin Mary for their own illicit ends.
"And so it was said in the book of Snapchaticus 4:20," a Twitter user joked.
At least 50 people have witnessed "tears" coming from the bronze statue, according to the Diocese of Las Cruces.
According to Josephus, each priestly section served for periods of eight days, from noon on one Sabbath to noon on the following
And yet, many theologians, pastors and other Christians say the Virgin Birth gets short shrift at Christmastime. Finding
Christian dogma and devotion, as sincere as it might be, robs the mother who bore Jesus of her humanity. The very concept of an asexual "mother of God" is alien and foreign to Jewish culture and to the Hebrew Bible.
At night I stared into the bathroom mirror, haunted by my own reflection. Was there an answer hidden in my eyes? What did my body know that my mind did not? Fear was taking hold in my bones, but by the week's end, I could feel its antidote springing up, silky and fragrant: faith.
How ironic that the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy was made on the second day of Advent! Has the season of Advent been shadowed or enhanced by the news of a modern-day royal birth?
The sight was horrifying. The house had burned to the ground. A shell of the southern wall remained, but beyond that, everything had been reduced to piles of ashes and clumps of bricks.