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And the ex-president’s niece is “fairly sure” her cousins will flip on their father.
Donald Trump's niece shared a photo of a sunset during the former president's CPAC address.
Former President Donald Trump's niece said "the insurrection was a bridge too far" for her cousins to succeed in politics.
Donald Trump’s niece predicted a “pretty grim” future for the outgoing president.
"He is a physical coward but he’s perfectly happy when other people commit violence on his behalf," said Donald Trump's niece.
"There was not any truth in it at all, and if you listen carefully, he doesn’t actually concede the election."
“I think that this initially was probably an idea that was floated to him in order to assuage his wounded ego," Donald Trump's niece said.
The president's niece said he is "directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans."
It's not what the president is reportedly telling people right now.
President Donald Trump’s niece warns of “meltdowns upon meltdowns” in the final months of his presidency.