mary trump

Trump “wasn’t just stirring up his insurrectionists to create chaos.” He put Pence's life at risk to illegally stay in Oval Office, according to Trump's niece.
Their future relationship will depend on if they still stand to benefit from one another, Trump's niece said. It's "completely transactional."
Mary Trump rips her "severely damaged" uncle.
"Spotify should get rid of Joe Rogan's show not just because he spreads COVID disinformation but because he is a racist," she said.
Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, is “making the same calculation: What will help her in the long run?” said her cousin.
The ex-president's niece agreed with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that it was designed to go "straight into Donald Trump’s heart."
The former president probably thought watching the destruction was "fun," his niece said.
Donald Trump's niece mocked her cousin's messages to the former White House chief of staff.
The “deeply unintelligent” family member will “out-racism anybody, out-misogyny anybody” just for affection, said Donald Trump’s niece.
Donald Trump is suing The New York Times, three of its reporters and his niece Mary Trump. But already, experts spot a glaring error.