Maryam Rajavi

According to NCRI activists and video clips from Iran, the pictures were accompanied by slogans such as “no to murderer Ebrahim
The Middle East is in turmoil. Deaths and destruction are a daily occurrence throughout the region. Families flee their homes in fear, forced into an uncertain future. No end is in sight. Yet into this calamitous scenario a slick, sophisticated terrorist recruiter's advert has popped up which ISIS itself could learn from.
Supporters of the nuclear negotiations with Iran suspect that hawks both in Congress and abroad feel the same way as Rajavi
The MEK's desperation is showing through. They no longer pretend to be disconnected from their campaigns against other Iranian Americans. Their attacks are posted on their own websites, and the attackers openly declare their dedication and loyalty to the MEK.
Those who now callously argue that criticism of the Iranian regime amounts to a preparation for war only serve to provide the regime with the "moral" cover it needs to continue its human rights atrocities.