These waterproof mascaras are perfect for the pool, beach and more.
"Mascara is overrated," says the "Jurassic Park" actor in a weird video on Pitchfork.
We spoke to makeup artists and cosmetic chemists to get some answers.
College is a time to learn all about money management. There's books to buy, pizza to eat, beer to drink and at some point you have to learn which of those three to save your money on.
TO KEEP IT FROM GLOBBING UP Soak an almost-empty tube in hot water for a couple minutes to loosen up any inconsistencies
S.W. Basics Organic Lip Balm set, $15.19 ( CoverGirl Nudes TruNaked eye-shadow palette, $11.99 ( More
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Now for the fun part: Carefully apply a blue liquid eyeliner (we used Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner [$3] in Indigo
There's a reason this tube is a favorite among quite a few of our beauty editors. Coat after coat, you'll never see a single clump.
We all love a good drugstore find. We've sought out the best drugstore makeup products, the best drugstore skin-care winners
If only applying mascara was as simple as swipe, swipe, swipe. Truth be told, there's an art to coating your lashes just right.
These staples separate the kiddos from the grownups.