That's right, ResponsibleOhio is the first marijuana legalization campaign in the country to have a mascot -- a cartoon superhero with a marijuana bud for a head, at that. Buddie (yes, that's actually its name) was condemned from the minute it was unveiled,
Mascots are supposed to get the crowd excited, but when it comes to University of California, Irvine's anteater, it just
What risks does a baseball spectator assume at the ballpark?
Symbols can be valuable tools, but when Fuleco is facing a sudden death match against habitat loss -- in a region with a deforestation rate of 0.7 percent a year, one of the highest in the world -- money talks.
That year Vernon Bellecourt and Michael Haney (both are now deceased) appeared at the opening game in Cleveland of the Cleveland Indians baseball team carrying a huge placard that read, 'We are human beings and not mascots for America's fun and games.'
It may not have been the best NFL season for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that doesn't mean there's not some fun to still
9. St. Bonaventure University Brown Squaws Unless someone takes PETA's suggestion and simply replaces Washington's current
Click through the slideshow below to see our picks for the best proposals of all time. "We constantly joke about furries
UConn decided as part of a visual identity revamping to change its Husky Dog logo from the current mascot to a more "powerful and aggressive" looking logo. This is a threatening image and it communicates the wrong message to men and women trying to live in a less violent society.