At the ancient site of the Delphic Oracle in Greece, the God Apollo--the god of light and intelligence--was worshipped. And
Now is the time for balance between opposites. As Egnew points out in her video Hillary is a bridge between the masculine and the feminine, between the Old Guard and the New.
It is time to run your life both with your heart and mind as equal partners in the pursuit of your greatness.
This is a candid, sometimes controversial, conversation, but it is one worth beginning. My friend Luke went to a personal
Call out sexism and misogyny -- especially if it's coming from someone who claims to be progressive. However, I worry the label is being thrown around loosely and being applied to many well-meaning, non-sexist male critics of Clinton.
It really would be a major spoiler if I said this too plainly. But trust me, by the end of the latest Mockinjay film Part II, it's stunningly obvious Katniss Everdeen sure knows the difference between half-human and whole.
Now back to emotions versus feelings. The distinction is important. Conclusion: Acknowledging sadness as a key emotion allows
The only thing I care about is: Are you embracing and expressing the unique flavor of your own masculinity? That's the real question.
In the end, the men who were told they got the lower, masculinity-threatening score bypassed the "feminine" products as compensation
Don't lie. She will find out. When you break trust with a woman; you rock her very foundation. Don't change the rules and pretend that you didn't. Don't make her think that she is crazy to protect your lies. Really. Don't screw with a woman's internal GPS.