If you’re a man who’s recently been asked how often you think about the Roman Empire, here’s the reason.
"In my father's absence, I needed to see Black men caring for their families, protecting them, showing up, dancing with their grandchildren at family reunions."
"Wanting to understand this population more, I began to dig into books, resources, and training on masculinity and the socialization of men in traditionally 'masculine' fields."
Without a hint of irony, the Fox News personality said the "most dangerous" men will "do anything to save themselves."
"Tolkien is turning in his grave," the SpaceX founder wrote on Twitter about the "Lord of the Rings" prequel series.
"I have witnessed prisoners and guards get beaten until their eyes could not open, for nothing more than calling someone a 'punk.'"
The Republican senator is publishing a book on what it means to be a man. No amount of eyeroll emojis can do this justice.
The Missouri senator will expound on the "virtues" of masculinity in a new book.
Jack Anderson shares five things he’s learnt about masculinity through living with diabetes.
The "Westworld" star branded Penn "tragic" and a "jibbering FOOL" after he bemoaned a lack of "masculinity" and "male behavior" in American culture.