Seeking more stability and job protections, staffers have asked owner Ziff Davis to recognize their union and start bargaining for a contract.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets slugged.
We need to pay more attention to our impact as humans. We must constantly think of what legacy we will leave, how we'll give back to our communities and even more so, what can we do that will have a profound effect on the world.
Western leaders continue to treat human life as negotiable, demonizing those stuck without options surviving constant bombing
“We are America, We will not bend. We will not break."
Dr. Machin is a Psychologist, Business Coach, and Mom to Three. She is currently launching a Life Coaching program through
"Every candy bar is fun-sized if you love candy. Or are on ecstasy."
What troubled me was Interactive Bureau's, VP of Public Policy, Brad Weltman's statement that "the new labeling requirements
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