"Gender is a spectrum," she said. "Something happened when we, as a culture, created the mandate to put sex on the birth
Ian Somerhalder, activist and Vampire Diaries star, turns 35 today. Somerhalder has inspired many through his works as an activist, optimist, and social good champion. Here are five particularly powerful ways that Somerhalder has taught me to live life.
6. When Bill Clinton And Bono Had That Moment. 2. When Malala Humbled The Crowd, As Per Usual. 3. When Hillary Talked Major
Leaders and social do-gooders are looking for people to talk about the the values, theories and skills that have helped every generation before ours turn moments into movements, reactions into revolutions and big ideas into lasting legacies.
We spliced together some video screenshots of Melinda Gates wearing this plaid shirt at Mashable, and Bill, who traded in
When he began working on “Revolution,” a television show that takes place 15 years after a global blackout, Abrams decided