Mashrou Leila

As we make our way through the United States on this tour for Ibn El Leil, which translates to "Son of the Night," our fourth album, we wanted to share some of our more personal experiences.
Jordanian officials said last week that the band’s music contradicts the country’s cultural and religious values.
Mashrou Leila debuts in cities across the U.S. and Canada this month.
The lead singer of the Lebanese rock band, Mashrou Leila, shares his strangest experiences with fans.
The Lebanese rock band opens their first ever North American tour with a show in New York City. Huffington Post interviews Hamed Sinno, the lead singer.
I'll preface this by pointing out that my fellow Florentines are notoriously pragmatic. Nothing really excites them, but at the concert for Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila the crowd fell head-over-heels under their spell.
Personally, I feel that the elusive "peace" -- along with inseparable companions, justice and equality -- in the region will come out of what one filmmaker calls "artistic resistance."