Maslow's hierarchy of needs

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“I firmly believe: Once a Foster Care Kid Always a Foster Care Kid” – Kevin Y. Brown As a result of conversations with many
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We’re simply spoiled with possibility.
When I dropped my kids at school the other morning, I heard a father saying goodbye to his daughter. She had started to walk
Alternatively, it may be that some of us need the trauma of a divorce, bereavement or redundancy to force us to look to our
Have you thought about how you got your values? You need to investigate where your values come from for three important reasons.
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I think the sacred cow of lack of safety in the women's rooms, being violated needs to be tipped over. Personally, I have found these have been safer than so many of the rest rooms I used to use.
Taking a chance in life is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Humans, inherently, are genetically wired to
Don't get me wrong: The most immoral prisoner has earned his government-sponsored home. Quite thoroughly. But by treating him in an inhumane manner that extends beyond confinement, we too become all too human. We too commit a moral wrong.
Liberals are sorely mistaken when they assume that Maslow's hierarchy of needs is universal and that programs primarily promoting economic redistribution are going to speak to what people most deeply care about.
9) They share deep relationships with a few, but also feel identification and affection towards the entire human race. "Self
What accounts for the varied approaches individuals use in business, careers, and their own aspirations? In Part One of this piece, I described what one psychologist teaches us about individuals and their motivation to meet their various needs--and how this helps explain behavior and solve problems.
I have wondered, from time to time -- OK, day to day -- if this quest for success is some kind of frivolity, some kind of navel-gazing exercise that I only engage in because I'm a privileged person, not scrounging around for my very subsistence.
It is my strong belief that if we, as an educational community, are to succeed in taking full advantage of our ever-evolving "21st century" tools, we first need to commit ourselves to sharpening our understanding and usage of some "20th century" (or older) educational staples.
Bizarrely, I found myself last weekend sharing a stage with Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic, which, absent context, anyone who knew me when Nirvana was changing the musical world would say is just about the least likely thing that could ever happen to me.
PURPOSE As I said in the beginning, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, was for a different time. This version works for us...what
One of the people I have most mirrored my business-coaching career after is iconic basketball coach, Phil Jackson, aka The Zen Master. Phil Jackson is widely considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NBA.
If people self-actualize and achieve unconditional happiness, tapping into their fullest potential by personal growth, influence and charity: Companies self-actualize by tapping into their fullest potential with Corporate Social Responsibility.
Imagine if in our drive to understand where markets are going we stopped looking at data and instead focused in on ourselves, our needs and our aspirations. What kind of future would we see?