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Practically instant noodle soup, a twist on quiche and more breakfasts and lunches you can pack and take with you.
Mason jars are absolutely adorable and totally useful! Since I'm quite obsessed, I find ways to incorporate them on The Chic
Whether you forage or not, the trend of bringing nature and plants into the home is something you probably want to consider - and terrariums are a great way to do this.
Plus, what makes them so great.
5. Let there be light. Credit: Orchard Girls It's no secret that gardening reduces your stress. It's also no secret that
Our pals over at The Snug have some intel on the most wanted DIY for the ultimate Labor Day weekend. Check it out!
We've gotta say, mason jars are still at the top of the list when it comes to "hot DIY materials." And, yes, even we're surprised by that. Mason jars just won't quit!
4. Carefully place the paper with your arranged items in the sun. With the exception of the plants, flowers, and mason jars
We know, we know, mason jars again? Believe it or not, this uber-versatile craft goodie is still being reinvented. From summer cocktail glasses to hanging planters and even mosquito-fighting candles, your collection of mason jars can take on a new meaning.
Our little-sister site keeps us up to date on what's trending in DIY and decor. We're always surprised to learn that mason jars are still a favorite among crafters and do-it-yourselfers. Here are five crazy-popular mason-jar ideas from the editors of The Snug.