mass animal deaths

It was awfully cold in Lovund, Norway, last weekend. So cold, in fact, that a school of herring that strayed too close to shore apparently froze in place.
In January of 2012, 20 tons of herring mysteriously washed onto a beach in northern Norway, baffling scientists as to their
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If that is indeed the explanation, it raises plenty of other questions: For instance, what happened to trigger the squids
Dr. David Colby, the Chatham-Kent medical officer of health, told The Windsor Star that he has not seen or smelled anything
Those who have witnessed self-destructive animal behavior personally may hold a different view. Dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry
Check out the slideshow below of bizarre mass animal deaths: One rescuer explained to Reuters, "These birds have suffered
From the Center for Biological Diversity's Mollie Matteson: You might not know it, but a quiet killer is stalking America's
Wildlife officials have suggested everything from extremely harsh weather to fireworks and indigestion as being responsible
Although many of the mass animal deaths reported around the world in the past month remain unexplained, officials have closed
The end of the Permian period culminated in a mass extinction, know as the "Great Dying." Researchers had speculated that
When hundreds of dead birds were found Monday in Yankton, South Dakota, many residents were puzzled, thinking it was the
Father James Martin, S.J., discusses some possible explanations for mass animal deaths as well as what the bible says about the end times.
The owner of the dead cows was working with a local veterinarian, who initially believed a virus such as infectious bovine
The AP reports that mass animal deaths like these are not uncommon. The reported incidents of mass animal deaths come on
As for the latest reports of birds falling from the sky in California and dead fish washing ashore in Chicago, officials
"We are fairly confident the birds died as a result of massive indigestion brought on by over-eating," Rodolfo Ridolfi, a
In the past week, similar incidents of mass animal deaths have been reported across the world. Thousands of dead birds fell
While it seems pretty creepy that thousands of dead birds are falling out of the sky, millions of dead fish are turning up