mass deportation

The accelerated deportation of illegal immigrants is brainless, cruel, antagonizing to many allies and neighbors and, ultimately
The two men have discussed "things we can get working together on."
*It might require not deporting people.
The GOP presidential hopeful likened his immigration strategy to the 1954 mass deportation program with a farcically racist name.
The rise of the state-passed immigration movement has been an ideological dead end for the country and a stagnation of real conversation around reforming our current system.
Although it will take an act of Congress to resolve immigration policy permanently, the president has the authority to give DREAM-eligible young people a temporary reprieve.
Rep. Gallegly works in concert with Representatives Lamar Smith and Steve King on a strategy they call "attrition through enforcement." That's code for mass deportation.
The leaders of House Mass Deportation Caucus, Reps. Smith, Gallegly, and King, are not only driving the GOP immigration strategy, they are driving their party off of a political cliff.