Mass media

Executives told their employees to stop doing what they've been doing for years. They walked out, and now Deadspin is effectively no more.
"We need to rebuild and protect a diverse and truly independent press," the senator from Vermont and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate wrote.
Analysts say the reunion will help both companies navigate an ever-competitive streaming landscape.
Congresswoman's Twitter interactions surge past top five media companies combined, according to stats.
A new meme that involves sharing fake stories leading to voter registration sites is making the rounds.
This week, the media company announced the former Obama administration official will join its board.
We cannot expect that the mass media will provide what we need, rather than what we want. Therefore, we must acknowledge that we must seek out information to inform our decisions rather than confirm our biases.
The explosion of digital platforms is causing many marketers to rethink how they engage with consumers. But sometimes in their hurry to embrace the digital world, companies often lose their way and forget the basic principles of good marketing and branding.