mass shooting

The 27-year-old man allegedly told police that he wanted to "kill many people."
An FBI agent says authorities are responding to "an active shooter every other week in this country," as incidents trend up every year.
“We’re going to slip away for just for a minute," an anchor said. "We don't know what's going on."
Several new laws going into effect on Sunday will make it easier to carry firearms in public places, like schools and churches.
Performers at Gem City Shine included Chance the Rapper and Stevie Wonder.
A study of 21 individuals barred from owning firearms found none were later involved in gun violence.
News outlets are starting to erase perpetrators from the story. That may backfire.
The unidentified man is believed to have rescued an infant and several other people during the shooting.
Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has called the committee to return early from congressional recess following three mass shootings.
Margie Reckard, who was killed in the Walmart massacre, was married to Antonio Basco for 22 years. “We were gonna live together and die together," Basco said.
The Dayton Police chief said that the gunman who carried out a deadly mass shooting in Dayton planned the attack in advance.
Led by young Columbine students, these teens hope images of their bodies will be publicized if they're gunned down in a mass shooting.
"We’ve heard politicians send their thoughts and prayers while failing to act," the 10-time Grammy winner said. "We are done with that."
Native Ohioan John Legend went to Dayton to speak out for gun control following the deadly shooting that killed nine people.
The former "NRA Mom" now says "we must do something about guns."
“This is a moment to reflect ... and to remember the individuals whose lives were cut short," said executive editor Martin Baron.
The "Newsroom" host also called out President Donald Trump and Congress for failing to tackle the nation's gun violence epidemic.
"Who would think the appropriate response would be flashing a smile and thumbs up?" asked author Brian Klaas. "Something is wrong with him."