mass shootings

Three people got out of an SUV and opened fire on a crowd, authorities said.
A number of the 9 victims were people of color. Authorities found 12 other firearms and 22,000 rounds of various kinds of ammunition at the shooter's home.
"You can be sure they probably got vaccinated," retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan claimed.
"We can, and we must, do more," the president said of America's gun violence epidemic.
Mayor Sam Liccardo said in a tweet that “the shooter is no longer a threat” and the facility has been evacuated.
Police said they believe this attack to be the largest shooting in Providence's history.
The National Rifle Association picked a really weird way to mark a Mother's Day that began with a Colorado mass shooting that killed seven people.
Police feared Brandon Hole would get back the gun they had confiscated a year ago, though he ended up buying two semiautomatic rifles.
Police are looking for a gunman after three people were shot dead near a shopping plaza in Austin, Texas.